Dolphin Watching Golfo Aranci

Dolphin Watching Golfo Aranci

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Do you wish to see the dolphins in Golfo Aranci?

Navigating near the Island of Figarolo the possibility to encounter the dolphins is very high! The guides on board will tell the characteristics and the habits of these magnificent specimens.

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In more than 10 years DST Sardegna has brought thousands of people to see dolphins in Golfo Aranci between Olbia and Tavolara, and many of them has decided to share their experience on Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor.
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Why choose DST Sardegna for your excursions?

In Golfo Aranci, Sardinia, it is possible meet dolphins in their natural environment while they play, eat, swim, jump and look after at the puppies in total freedom 💗 DST Sardegna team do Dolphin Watching activities responsibly and with complete respect for animals and the environment, respecting a very precise code of conduct:

we respect the navigation speed to avoid accidental damage to dolphins;
we maintain safe distances to avoid annoying these wonderful marine mammals;
we do not swim with dolphins for not to interfere with their habits and not transmit them illnesses;
we don’t feed dolphins because they are free animals that feed on themselves.

DST Sardegna joins the project " "Il Golfo dei Delfini" by Worldrise & Friend of The Sea to carry out dolphin watching excursions in a sustainable way for everyone.
Antonio Palladino PADI Master Instructor
Antonio Palladino
PADI Master Instructor 929059

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DST Sardegna takes part of the project “Il golfo dei delfini” which turns the dolphin watching activity in eco-friendly .We respect the behavior code which turns the activity sustainable based on International guidelines which fits the best with local reality. The operators are trained to give you the education about ecology and about dolphins during the sighting to promote education and sensibilization of the tourist regarding this beautiful creatures.

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DST Sardegna takes part in the project “friends of the sea dolphins and whale watching” the association which define all the best practice and behavior of the project “il golfo dei delfini” by Worldrise & friends of the sea to take excursion of sighting in a sustainable way.

Curiosity about bottlenose (tursiopi)

The dolphins community which lives in the water nearby Golfo Aranci belongs to the gender of bottlenose. Dolphins are marin mammals so they live under water all their life and they do daily activities as eat, sleep and play. Underwater they mate, they give birth and breastfeed their babies continuing to breathe putting out of the water their “nose”.

Some numbers:

  • The dolphins community in Golfo Aranci is numerous, by the way the habits of these mammal it’s to live in small group composed by 2 or 3 until 10 members. In most of case they are female.Male members prefer to live alone and to join the group just in some period…
  • They can swim at 30 km/h.
  • Dolphins have lungs like us, marine mammals can stay under water from few minutes till few hours (like sperm whales);
  • Gestation is around 12 months, babies born underwater and they are feed till 18 months, they live nearby their moms till 4 years;
  • Are dolphins dangerous? They’re usually peaceful and playful but the females, like every mammals mum, care a lot about their puppies so if they hear presence of a danger, they could became aggressive, like every mother do!
  • Dolphins in some case live more than 50 years, howeve during their life they meet many dangers and infant mortality rate is quite high Main threats are: sea fishing net, intensive fishing, vhemical and noise pollution, plastic, collision with boat’s propellers…

It is essential to maintain a responsabile conduct at every stage of dolphin watching for the protection and safety species.

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