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Corporate tours, team building and incentives for companies in the splendid setting of Tavolara, Molara, Golfo Aranci and Capo Figari


Team Building experiences

Do you want to organize a company outing with team building and incentives? Our packages allow participants to spend an unforgettable day and to explore Olbia and Golfo Aranci from the sea. DST Sardegna is located in an exceptional location that allows for recreational activities and team building to strengthen corporate ties.

The purpose of an incentive program is precisely to create a unique and exclusive experience that will remain in the memory and will strengthen the emotional relationship with the company and among colleagues. The DST Sardegna team is at your disposal to organize company boat trips with fun activities in the splendid setting of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Tavolara and Punta Coda Cavallo.

Team Building At Sea

Team building with sea trip

Choose DST Sardegna to organize a corporate incentive with a boat trip in the Tavolara Marine Protected Area and Punta Coda Cavallo and perhaps with a baptism of the sea for all the staff. We can organize a dolphin watching tour, lunch on the island of Tavolara, brunch on the beach, swimming in the natural pools of Molara and diving in the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Choose the package you prefer from our proposals, you can organize a perfect day with a trip to the sea for your staff on board our dinghies. The DST Sardegna team specializes in providing you with access to many exclusive activities and beaches, unforgettable places where all the company staff can have fun.


Ideas for company outings

If you are organizing a company trip to the sea with team building activities, here are some activities that we can organize for you:

  • trip to the islands of Tavolara and Molara
  • baptism of the sea for all participants
  • exclusive lunch on the island of Tavolara
  • Brunch at Porto Taverna
  • dolphin sighting with aperitif on the boat at sunset

Contact our team and agree on the activities you want to do to make this event unforgettable. We will build a perfect day together.

Here are some suggestions for a fun and memorable corporate boat trip:

  • choose a theme: you could choose a theme for the boat trip, for example “pareo party”, “tropical party” or “pirates of the Caribbean”. This way, you can create a festive and engaging atmosphere throughout the day
  • Create a Participant Kit: Prepare a participant kit with items such as hats, sunglasses, hair accessories, sunscreen, and anything else that might come in handy during the day on the boat. 
  • organize fun games: prepare some fun games to play during the boat trip, such as a swimming competition, riddles or quizzes and even a singing competition
  • include food and drinks: we can organize a lunch on the island of Tavolara, an aperitif on board and maybe a brunch on the beach in Porto Taverna, ask our team we can agree and organize everything you need
  • add a special stop: organize a special stop during the boat trip, for example a stop at a secret beach at Capo Figari or dolphin watching at Figarolo Island. This way, you can make the day even more memorable.

Remember, the main goal of a company outing is to strengthen the bonds between colleagues, have fun and create unforgettable memories. Make sure you plan your boat trip to suit everyone's needs and tastes.


PADI instructors

Antonio Palladino Padi Master Instructor

Antonio Palladino

PADI Master Instructor 929059

Register of diving instructors Region Sardinia, n.525

Ilaria Papaccioli Padi Instructor

Ilaria Papaccioli

PADI Instructor 945044
E. F. R. Instructor

Register of diving instructors Region Sardinia, n.874

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