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The Diving & Snorkeling Center Team Sardegna in Golfo Aranci is a PADI Dive Resort and offer the possibility, given his strategic position, to make different kind of diving tours in the major points of interest of the area:

Diving tours in Capo Figari and in Figarolo, diving tours in the Marine Protected area of Tavolara, diving tours in Mortoriotto in the National Park of La Maddalena

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Diving tours in Golfo Aranci and Tavolara

Every day, depending on weather conditions, levels and the experience of the participants, we choose destinations and types, and according to the requests we propose morning or afternoon excursions.

Night dives are also organized during the week. For certified nitrox divers there is the possibility of using the mix.

At the diving center is possible to rent Mares equipment!


Diving spots

Choose your diving spot, Marine Protected Area of Tavolara – Capo Coda Cavallo, the Island of Figarolo, the promontory of Capo Figari, or Mortoriotto!

AMP Tavolara - Molara

  • Secca del Papa
  • Tegghia Liscia
  • Occhio di Dio
  • Grottone
  • Secca di Punta d’Arresto
  • Secca dell’Elefante
  • Il Relittone

Capo Figari - Figarolo

  • Cala Corsi
  • Frana del faro
  • Relitto Thalassa
  • Grotta dei Gamberi
  • Grotta di Satana
  • Mamma Chiatta

Scogli di Mortorio

Located within the National Park of La Maddalena

  • Scogli di Mortoriotto

Secca del Papa, Tegghia Liscia, Occhio di Dio and Grottone in Tavolara island, Punta d’Arresto, secca dell’Elefante in Molara Island, Cala Corsi, Frana del faro and the Thalassa wreck in Figarolo Islad, Grotta dei Gamberi, Grotta di Satana and Mamma Chiatta at Capo Figari are just some of the beautiful diving spots that we can choose for our diving.

Tavolara Marine Protected Area and Capo Figari cliff often offer exciting underwater meetings. In the depths of the area it is possible to see groupers, barracudas, snappers, amberjacks, San Pietro fish, conger eels and moray eels. It is interesting to notice also these many Castagnole, Salpe, Saraghi and Donzelle. These species are really common in this area, but their size are bigger than usual Their presence plays a remarkable role in the beauty of the surroundings For fans of underwater photography and small and colorful animals many are the representatives: Flabellina, Trapania, Thuridilla, Discodoris, Elysia, Aplysia … always exciting!

If you are on holiday with your family you can organise diving while they visit the Tavolara marine protected area staying on board together. They can admire the natural beauty of Tavolara and you’ll dive spending a day together.

Book an excursion to Tavolara Marine Protected Area for your family
or dolphin watching tour in Golfo Aranci.
Your holiday in Sardinia will be unforgettable with DST!

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