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Every year we are looking for motivated people who want to work at sea in contact with nature, in a familiar and stimulating environment. We are equally looking for personnel with certifications and at the same time people who are entering our world to gain experience.

DST Sardegna is the ideal place to start a diving career, work as a PADI guide and instructor, to learn how to lead excursions and tours in the open air, to enter the world of marine biology as a guide and for peer internships.

We are looking for you and have all the resources you need to start the career of your dreams!

DST Sardegna is a great company to work for if:

Sardinia: job opportunities

The team we are looking for

Be part of something special. Participate in the "Work with us" program and create a significant impact in your life. Submit your application now. Experience something different, join the team and have your own experience in this beautiful region of Italy: explore its magnificent coastline, meet friendly people, discover the culture and create unforgettable memories.

  • Internship, Au Pair Internship: Our au pair internship program is designed to help you gain valuable diving and marine biology experience. You can earn diving certifications by working and you will gain insight into the industry while enjoying a unique cultural exchange experience. Get hands-on experience and learn an amazing job, our au pair internships offer you the chance to gain valuable skills and experience in the tourism industry.
  • Diving instructor, divemaster: if you are a certified diving instructor or dive guide, enrich your experience in some of the most beautiful dive sites in Sardinia. You will be able to conduct dives in the Marine Protected Area of ​​Tavolara and Punta Coda Cavallo, take diving courses in Golfo Aranci and Capo Figari and dolphin watching tours.
  • Marine biologists: we are looking for competent personnel who want to acquire skills in the field of environmental tourism and excursions. Every day our team carries out dolphin watching trips, offering tourists an immersive experience in nature.

Come and explore our sea. DST Sardegna will guide you in getting to know the dive sites, help you obtain diving licenses and acquire information on marine life. Submit your application and join us on this amazing journey!

Gain valuable experience

The work in the DST Sardinia diving and our au pair internships give you the opportunity to acquire valuable experience in hospitality, tourism and diving. Our instructors provide support to help you earn diving certifications and certifications.

Learn from the experts

We have always done this work, we have a team of PADI instructors, guides and biologists who can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become an expert in the sector. Find out who we are

Join a community

At PADI Dive Resort DST Sardegna we are committed to creating a community of enthusiasts who share their passion for exploring the sea and for nature. We are committed to uniting people with a passion for the sea.

Working in Sardinia in Golfo Aranci and in the Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo Marine Protected Area

Working in the field of excursions and in a Marine Protected Area can be a very rewarding experience for those who love nature and the sea. MPAs and marine parks are protected areas that aim at the conservation of marine biodiversity and the protection of the environment. It is always a very rewarding experience to transmit information to tourists, tell them about conservation projects and the life habits of dolphins.

It is therefore useful to have specific training and skills in the marine and environmental fields. Furthermore, it is essential to have a strong aptitude for the conservation of the marine environment and the willingness to promote public awareness of sustainability and nature conservation issues.

Job opportunities

At the PADI Dive Resort DST Sardegna in Golfo Aranci, the figures sought are:

  • PADI Instructors, PADI Divemasters: for diving courses and accompanying dives
  • Au pair internship: work and obtain diving licences
  • Marine biologists: for nature tours and accompaniment in the Marine Protected Area

Remember that to work in the field of tourism and excursions, knowledge of at least one foreign language in addition to Italian is very useful. We will therefore give preference to applicants who speak at least 2 languages.


PADI instructors

Antonio Palladino Padi Master Instructor

Antonio Palladino

PADI Master Instructor 929059

Register of diving instructors Region Sardinia, n.525

Ilaria Papaccioli Padi Instructor

Ilaria Papaccioli

PADI Instructor 945044
E. F. R. Instructor

Register of diving instructors Region Sardinia, n.874

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Our excursions


Dolphin Watching

Golfo Aranci

Dolphin watching excursion in the bay of Golfo Aranci, an unmissable tour for adults and children aboard comfortable dinghies

Adults 35€

Dolphin Watching + Snorkeling

Golfo Aranci


Snorkeling excursion with guide, to discover the island of Figarolo and Capo Figari, with dolphin sighting and stops for a swim

Adults 65€

Guided snorkelling in Tavolara

Golfo Aranci


A tour to see the Tavolara Protected Marine Area and swim at the natural pools of Molara Island

Adults 65€

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