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Diving & Snorkeling Team Sardegna

The diving center DST SARDEGNA is located on the beach of the Baia Aranzos Club Hotel, in the locality of Sos Aranzos in Golfo Aranci, and has a strategic position in front of the marine protected area of Tavolara – Capo Coda Cavallo to the south and the natural park of La Maddalena to the north.

Dive Resort

The diving center offers MARES equipment for the diving tours and snorkeling and RIBS BWA 7,50 mt with Honda 250 hp VTEC engine for the excursions. On the beach our customers can find showers, bathrooms and bar, kindly offered by the hotel.

We have at disposal the swimming pool of the hotel where take place free scuba diving trials and the courses.



PADI Instructors

Antonio Palladino PADI Master Instructor

Antonio Palladino

PADI Master Instructor 929059

Sardinia scuba diving instructors register n.525

Ilaria Papaccioli PADI Instructor

Ilaria Papaccioli

PADI Instructor 945044
E.F.R. Instructor

Sardinia scuba diving instructors register n.874

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